About Hutchinson

Hutchinson joined the Bankosan family by 2014. As a result of mutual negotiations and negotiations, Bankosan, which is responsible for sales of light commercial and passenger group, Turkey, has exceeded the targets set at the end of 3 years. Our goal as Bankosan is to turn this successful partnership further into regional partnership.

Hutchinson, for our developing and constantly renewing world; Is the world leader in producing intelligent solutions for land, air and sea vehicles.

Our vision for tomorrow

  • Exploring new horizons, increasing comfort, safety and energy efficiency,
    On land, in the air and at sea.
  • Anticipating customer needs and creating new high-performance materials to deliver the solutions of tomorrow.
  • Combining our areas of expertise and implementing our innovations across sectors: This is what drives us each and every day.
  • For our customers, we’re looking at the bigger picture.
  • To contribute to future mobility that is safer, more comfortable and more sustainable.

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